duminică, 26 iunie 2016

There is no anti-antichrist

I can't tell you how many times I've seen this idea that the devils' plan is to fake Jesus' return. The idea usualy involves the presence of a false or couterfeit antichrist whom the real antichrist will destroy. And some say that this last antichrist will claim to be Christ. In the same spirit people see the events that are unfolding, like Israel coming back into the land and everything that goes with that, but put all that aside saying it's all devils hand and a conspiracy not mentioning or realising that this would make God the devil. I don't want to mention any site because I don't want people to read that and go on a thousand rabbit trails that lead nowhere. But sure many will not be spared of that confusion, as I wasn't, because this stuff is everywhere. What is worst is that you see sites commenting on prophecy that don't even state outright and clear this idea which is instead implied.

But this anti-antichrist (read "in place of" antichrist) idea is clearly unreasonable and has no base in reality because it implies that people, the majority, are aware of prophecy, that they care about it or believe it. Why would the devil try and appeal to believers? Why would he try to have the unbelievers look into prophecy as a serious thing? Why would he dispel the prevailing darkness? Why would he ruin the works of "Renaissance" and "Enlightment"? Sure, the enemy will try to deceive even the elect if it was possible but why is not possible is because the elect are aware of prophecy and not only that but they also watch.

Instead what antichrist does is to oppose the holy covenant, appeal to those who also do so and corrupt by flateries (or fine promises) those that forsake it. And to be more clear, the holy covenant is the promise of God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that they and their seed will inherit the land, that they will posess the gate of their enemies. And that's where all the fuss is. I mean if someone would own your gate or door what would you do? And we know at least of one gate in that land and that is the summit of mount Hermon where the watchers descended in the preflood era.

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